Inland Marine

Boyer prides itself on the innovative capabilities of its employees. Whether it is designing a new tainter gate pin for the Trinity River Dam rehabilitation project or designing floating inland marine work stations, Boyer's inventive team uses its expertise to tackle every problem quickly and effectively.

Fleet & Services

Boyer has one of the largest fleets of inland marine equipment in the country including:

  • Sectional Barges (with or without Crane)
  • Tugs, Jon Boats and Supply Boats
  • Hydraulic Barge Propulsion Units

Lakes & Inland Waterway Construction

Along with dam renovations, we also provide services such as channel improvements, erosion control systems, and underwater utility crossings. Some of our equipment inventory includes stop logs & automatic spreader bars, weirs, sluice gates & operators, utility crossings, tainter gates, seals &draw work ramps, Bulkheads & Cofferdam.

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