Midtown Gateways Phase I

Location: Houston, TX
Project Type: Landscape
Midtown Redevelopment Authority
713 526-7577
Clark Condon & Associates
713 871-1414

Project Scope

Midtown Redevelopment Authority focuses on enhancing the image of the District with landscape beautification projects. Boyer, Inc. installed irrigation, landscape, pedestrian ramps and sidewalks along Elgin from Highway 59 N to Jackson. This project included large excavation of concrete from esplanades prior to planting. A fully automatic irrigation system was installed to help preserve the beautiful trees. Tile street names were installed at each street crossing to replicate historical Houston markings. Midtown landscapes projects have become some of the most prized in the city.

Project Details

Original Construction Cost:
Final Construction Cost:
Date of Notice to Proceed:
Type of Construction:
Original Substantial Completion:
Actual Substantial Completion:
Final Payment Dates:
Project Manager:
Sid Morse
Project Superintendent:
Jose Hernandez
MEP subcontractors:
Boyer Self Performed