Galveston Causeway RR Bridge Water Line Relocation

Location: Galveston, TX
Project Type: Expansion
City of Galveston
Eric Wilson 409 797-3630
Construction Mgr. :
Lockwood Andrews & Newnam, Inc.
Greg Henry 713 266-6900

Project Scope

Relocate two water lines feeding potable water to Galveston Island approximately 1000 foot long each. Work scope included installing 4 large water tight coffer dams with 6 48” tunnel segments longest being 750 lf under the intracoastal waterway 40 feet below the water’s surface, installing 36” welded steel water line in the tunneled casings water, grouting all casings, elevating the lines above the water next to the causeway bridge and connecting them to the existing water lines without interrupting water service to the island, train movement on the causeway or shipping traffic in the intracoastal waterway.

Project Details

Original Construction Cost:
Final Construction Cost:
Date of Notice to Proceed:
Type of Construction:
Original Substantial Completion:
Actual Substantial Completion:
Final Payment Dates:
Project Managers:
Jack Levy
Project Superintendent:
Fred Powell
Major subcontractors:
Michels Corp.
Length of Relationship with Owner:
14 years