Dredging Services for Lytle Lake

Location: Abilene, TX
Project Type: Renovation
David Bell, P.E. General Manager 325 829-7254
Scott F. Hibbs, Principal 325 668-9775

Project Scope

Major work was to dredge interior (within 100 feet of spillway water level shoreline) areas of the lake to the depth levels established on the dredge completion map. Dredging depths vary from 1 to 5’ below existing elevations. Alternate 1 provides for dredging within identified coves as an extension of main dredge work. Other work included rebuilding an existing boat ramp, repairs to the existing spillway, and performing additional dredging for various owners with lake front properties. Quantities included excavating 125,000 CY of in-place measured excavation from the lake bottom. The excavator was a Cat 330DL with GPS controls that functioned with RTK accuracy. This required hauling approximately 165,000 CY to the spoil area.

Project Details

Original Construction Cost:
Final Construction Cost:
Date of Notice to Proceed:
Type of Construction:
Original Substantial Completion:
Actual Substantial Completion:
Final Payment Dates:
Project Manager:
Gordon Reavis
Project Superintendent:
Emmitt Malmay/Troy Stedman
MEP subcontractors:
Boyer Self Performed
Length of Relationship with Owner:
8 Years