401 M Street Waterfront

Location: Washington D.C.
Project Type: Rehabilitation
Waterfront Associates, LLC
(703) 842-2913
General Contractor:
Clark Construction
Chad Sargent (202) 479-6850

Project Scope

Rehab an 800 ft section of an active 100 year old 96” Storm Sewer located beneath a new west building and adjacent to an existing west tower. Job consisted of cleaning, lining and installing grout in the annular space between the host pipe and liner.

Project Details

Original Construction Cost:
Final Construction Cost:
Date of Notice to Proceed:
Type of Construction:
Original Substantial Completion:
Actual Substantial Completion:
Final Payment Dates:
Project Manager:
Datta Shirodkar
Dan Cassel
Project Superintendent:
Dan Cassel
MEP subcontractors:
Boyer Self Performed
Length of Relationship with Owner:
7 Years